manipsThe band was born 6 years ago with about two people who essentially played the Irish flute and some percussion.

Quickly grew to three musicians we continue with additional flutes (recorder and baroque flute).

Since 2005, we are now using either 4 people, bombard, veuze, Irish drum and our recent acquisitions, a darbouca (percussion instrument) and a tarota (wind instrument being played with a reed, like a bombard.

Same time, for more dynamic and rhythmic, manufactures one of our musicians, in his spare time, a hurdy-gurdy ...

Our repertoire consists of medieval music naturally, mostly brawls, the strut, and other pieces to dance …

We are always eager to expand our group to improve the quality of our interpretations.

If interested, please, no skill is required ...

If you're feeling a minstrel ... Contact Us!

Follow the guide to see us in action HERE