We are a group of lads whose main activity consists in learning the handlings of medieval weapons.

(Mainly   sword although the use of heavy weapons is not excluded).

However, we must not forget that we are not real fencers in the sport's sense of the thing.

Indeed, we practice a fencing so-called "spectacle": our shots and techniques are inspired by the teachings of medieval European codex while we adapt them to ensure our security and make them more spectacular.

Cascades and gestures amplified also decorate our battles, always in the context of dramatization of our services : our first goal is to show off the view to our audience!

manipsHowever, the practice of medieval fencing, even when to produce a show, requires some training.

In this way, we meet regularly together to perfect our techniques in joy and good humor ..

And since we are only amateurs who learn of ourselves and others in the group, our workshop is open to anyone over sixteen years, male or female!

So if you feel tempted, don't hesitate, join us!

Finally, it should be noticed that our workshop has recently added a new activity (that is not the latest in our association): archery.

Thus, the group of archers of our association   merged our Ost. Archers are subjected to the same terms of the soldier group (minimum age).

If you want to see our faces , take a tour here !

And because all images and texts of the world will never be as meanfull as a video, you are invited to discover this short film that, hopefully, will give you a practical overview of our activities (thank you to Francois Croué, member of the association, for kindly made  ‹this video for Gilles' Ost